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Hands down best product. I love it!!!! Gave me amazing visuals
Strong strain plus the visuals are just out if the world
Wowwwww!!! Highly potent and the visuals were phenomenal
As the name says it made all my anxiety go away got what I paid for
My favourite candy that makes me high..dream come true plus the cherry on top was the fast delivery
Extremely chill high makes me laugh and relax
I received this bar as a replacement for a different item I purchased and was amazed at how good this was! The squares make it easier to moderate quantity. Going to definitely purchase next time!
Sends me in a great couch lock with just one candy got what I paid for. Highly recommended plus the cherry on top was the fast delivery
I just love chocolate and a chocolate that make me feel elevated is a dream come true. Highly recommended
Best DMT out there and I just went to another universe after about 6 puffs
My depression is minimised and I feel relaxed after the dosage. I usually take one before a hectic day at work
Phenomenal visuals plus the cherry on top was the fast delivery