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Best Store for all your Magic Mushroom, LSD, DMT, Pill & Injection and other Psychedelics products.

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Are you looking for one of the most intense Pills/Infection or Psychedelic experience you will ever have?

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Physicadelics Online Shop will always do it’s best to ensure that your products arrive in a safe and timely manner.

Welcome To Physicadelics Online Shop

We’ve consolidated our deep knowledge of mushroom growing equipment just for you into innovative, user-friendly, state-of-the-art mushroom cultivation kits and supplies, DMT, LSD, and education and guidance from professionals. We do this by offering superior quality mushroom growing equipment and supplies used in mushroom cultivation.

Amateur mycologists rejoice! You can buy mushroom growing to grow spores with our mushroom mycology setup and the magic mushrooms kit which includes everything to succeed and move into more advanced growing techniques. With Monster Mushrooms, the world of mycology is at your fingertips. Let us guide you step by step from spore to coir. We’ll show you the how, teach you the why, and celebrate your bountiful harvests together!

Know next to nothing about growing mushrooms? No problem! We’ve got your back with quality mushroom growing equipment and mycology supplies. Our experienced, skillful team has been immersed in field and laboratory environments for 20+ years. We have experience working with countless varieties of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms with years of experience using various mushroom cultivation tools.

Why Purchase Magic Mushrooms, LSD, Pills & DMT Online From Us

Buy Magic Mushrooms, LSD, Pills and DMT we make it very easy for you to purchase top-quality Shrooms at competitive prices. Our company works with the best growers, in sterile lab conditions to give you the the very best Magic Mushrooms, LSD, Pills and DMT has to offer. We also supply your order is straight to your door, in a discrete as well as quick manner. Our Magic Mushrooms, LSD, Pills and DMT are all lab tested, and our list of strains is growing at a rapid pace. Any order ever lost, will be shipped again FREE OF COST TO YOU. Our  goal is quite simple. Provide you with life changing medicine that can enhance your quality of life. To you give you them in a quick efficient matter. We stand behind all our items, and are here if you have any questions or inqueries in this exciting new field to aid mental health. We carry an exceptional amount of dried magic mushrooms, and are always looking to grow our high quality inventory:

  • Golden Teacher’s
  • Mexicana (Big Mex) mushrooms
  • Amazonian mushrooms
  • Mazatapec mushrooms
  • African Transkei mushrooms
  • Albino Penis Envy mushrooms (APE)
  • Penis Envy mushrooms (coming soon)
  • Blue Meanie mushrooms (coming soon)

All our Magic Mushrooms, LSD, Pills and DMT are sold to consumers through out the globe. that either reside at a domestic address or sent out to PO Box. We highly suggest looking at customers’s feedback and orders, and leaving some as well. It is good karma! We additionally supplies safe and precise dosing options for microdosing. Since all our products are ingested, we see to it to adhere to correctly accredited GMP and food safe measures. It is necessary for us to provide you a product that you can trust and also feel risk-free utilizing. We know that the last thing anybody desires is a bad trip. This is what sets us apart from shady street dealers. We are invested in your personal and spiritual growth!





A must for first-timers, trip with Alice in Wonderland in 15 minutes. You’ll feel joy, euphoria, and everything nice experiencing visual hallucinations you can imagine.

Magic mushrooms USA and Worldwide has always been a tough commodity to come by. But with overwhelming positive, therapeutic benefits for psilocybin magic mushrooms.

Are you looking for one of the most intense psychedelic experience you will ever have? Mescaline is the way to go! There are quite some known cacti that are psychoactive due to the presence of alkaloids such as mescaline, with the most psychoactive species being the San Pedro cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi) and Lophophora, of which Peyote (Lophophora williamsii) is the most psychoactive one. The hallucinogenic cacti can produce strong psychedelic hallucinations and it is primarily used as a recreational drug, but also to strenghten various types of meditation and psychedelic therapy.

The mescaline cactus was once used in Mexico during sacred rituals. This makes it one of the oldest products at the Avalon Magic Plants web shop. Browse our broad selection of grow kits, seeds and small cacti that you can order and grow at home.

Would you like to grow your own magic mushrooms quickly and easily? We have a fantastic selection of shroom grow kits (small, medium and XL – in a variety of types) that enable you to grow shrooms from spores. Avalon Magic Plants is also a great place to pick up spore syringes, spore bottles and all the other accessories you need to grow magic mushrooms.

Growing your own magic mushrooms is sometime thousands and thousands of people worldwide do for fun, but also to experience the most intense psychedelic trips they’ve ever had. Some people swear homegrown magic mushrooms are simply better then when they’re bough elsewhere. And we can only agree that growing your own magic mushrooms can be a great fun activity. When you start growing mushrooms, it is essential that you have the right tools. We’ve got all you need!